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Crocs: Not Just a Former President Faux-Pas



There are some times in life that you have to swallow your pride and choose comfort over couture, but that has never been the case for Crocs. Part healthcare and culinary profession staple, part footwear disgrace, Crocs’ classic clogs have struggled to appeal to adults and teenagers that can no longer pull off the adorably awkward look that they might have so well during their childhood.

In the event that you just so happen to have a spare pair lying around the house, or are seeking to put a child’s pair to rest for good, what better way to bid farewell than by serving it up with a side of fries?

If you haven’t already heard, the clogs that everyone loves to hate are actually edible. Though consuming the mysterious, pseudo-rubber material might seem like a source of great bodily harm, those that have been brave enough to try eating Crocs have lived to tell the tale, and frankly that’s good enough for us. As purveyors of all news shoes, we couldn’t resist spreading these words of wisdom. If you ever find yourself hopelessly stranded and starving with a pair of these bad boys, you’re welcome: we may or may not just have saved your life.

The reason behind this is Crocs’ Croslite composition. Croslite is a trademarked, non-toxic resin that, like rubber, is highly shock absorbant. You might need to boil it until it is soft enough to cut, and sources suggest a cook time of around 20 minutes.

Crocsupmtion is not recommended, or even mentioned on the Crocs website, but we feel like a company Christmas party gone awry would provide the perfect opportunity for an office taste test. Don’t expect much, but an edible shoe? Who knew?

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