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How Long Can You Last?
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How long do you think it takes for the average woman to be in pain from wearing heels?

According to a study done by Britain’s College of Podiatry as reported in the New York Post, on average it takes one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds for a woman to regret slipping on a pair of high heels. Twenty percent of women surveyed confessed to feeling pain after just 10 minutes.

Though the results of the survey, which polled about 2,000 men and women on footwear, might persuade the heel-lover into wearing flats, there are some ways to avoid the time-bomb of uncomfortable footwear.

New Yorker and proclaimed “high-heel aficionado” Larrita Jackson spoke to The New York Postsuggesting ways to avoid falling into the uncomfortable heel trap. “You always buy heels one or one and a half sizes bigger. You have to leave room for your feet to expand so they don’t cramp.” Which, as Jackson goes on to say, leaves room for insoles.

We’d have to agree that insoles are the way to go when trying to make a painful pair of heels more bearable. And we also suggest breaking in your heels before wearing them out. It might be silly, but try this; slip on a thin pair of socks, then your new heels, then walk around your house for a little bit until the leather or material has loosened up. This might soften the initial blow of tight shoes expanding to your foot, and rid the chance for blisters to rule your feet before the night is over.

And if these tricks don’t work, there’s one simple solution to the problem: bring flats. We’ve all seen that barefoot girl at the bar or club who can’t go the distance in her heels and it’s not the best look. Not only is she stepping in questionable floor-liquids, but everyone around her has to avoid crushing her bare feet with their own stilettos. Don’t be that girl.

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