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Actress Launches Capsule Collection

charlesdavidemmanuellePerhaps best known for her role as Sloan in the HBO hit series Entourage, Emmanuelle Chrique can now add celebrity shoe designer to her resume. The Canadian actress has teamed up with beloved footwear brand Charles David this year, first modeling as the face of the label’s Spring 2013 campaign, and then taking things a step further for Fall by designing her own capsule collection for the brand. We sat down with Emmanuelle last week during the FN Platform tradeshow in Las Vegas to ask her a few questions and catch a sneak peak of her collection.

How does it feel to be the first celebrity spokesperson for Charles David?

Very exciting! It’s really exciting because I’ve always been a really big fan of the line. It’s easy to wear, and it’s affordable and beautiful. I’ve always worn them so it was really cool to be able to do a little collection with them.

Who reached out to who? How did the partnership form?  

They came to me for the campaign and then there was mutual interest in doing a capsule collection. I kind of came into it saying I would love to be the face of Spring 2013, and can we collaborate and do something for the fall? It was like yes and yes.

What are the styles that you’re excited about for Fall?

I mean I love booties and I love the high heels—I’m a big high heels girl, but we have to incorporate low heels because not everybody wears the really high heels, so we did. That’s not my fave, I don’t wear lows. But in general it’s a lot of tonal stuff. I did a lot of playing with the texture and color, so if there’s a plum shoe it would be like maybe plum suede with the trim being like an embossed snake print in plum. So its all tonal which I really love.

Would you say your style is more simplistic?

When it comes to shoes I would definitely say it’s simple, sexy. I just think that sexy is simple upon a shoe. I think when you have a beautiful pedicure and you have a gorgeous sandal that’s simple and it kind of plays with the lines of your foot…I just think that’s so beautiful. And it’s fun when it’s comfortable. I’ve tried to wear shoes that have all kinds of stuff and I’m like ‘This isn’t working for me!’

Are you a heels or flats type of girl?

100% heels! It’s funny I’m like total heels or Uggs. There’s no in between, there’s really not. Except my super mucked up combat boots. That’s such a look too.

Would you say there’s one color you want to fill your closet with for Spring?

I love whites and yellows. I love the idea that when you dress sometimes, if you’re just wearing like jeans and a t-shirt, to put on the brightest pair of shoes. Let that be the accent on the outfit. I love color in my shoes—I think it’s super fun. There are great colors in the spring line.

Look for the Charles David by Emmanuelle Chrique line to hit stores in August 2013.



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