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Fashion Week is about fashion—and we’re about shoes. So while we’ve delighted in the creations strutting down the catwalk before us, we definitely are keeping a closer eye on what’s adorning the feet of models. We had the pleasure of stopping by the Todd Snyder Fall 2013 men’s presentation which featured one of our favorite shoe brands, Vintage Shoe Company.

“Rebel Gentlemen” was the theme of Snyder’s fall collection, and Snyder told GQ  that he had wanted it to be “little more badass this season and take some chances, push the envelope a bit.” And without overpowering the apparel, the shoes decidedly fit the badass bill in their simplistic, rugged style. Snyder took the iconic, distressed black leather biker jacket and worked from there channeling the rugged 1950’s rebel look. Vintage Shoe Company boots and shoes fit seamlessly into that aesthetic lending the Todd Snyder Fall 2013 collection its perfectly distressed black leather and sharp silhouettes.

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