Is it too cold to look cute? Are the frigid temps causing you to throw your usual fashion standards out the window? It might be in the teens and feel like it’s below zero outside, but life goes on, which means we might have to make some adjustments in the shoe department. We asked our twitter followers the age-old question, “Is it ever okay to wear tights with peep toes?” You know you’ve wondered. Here’s what they had to say:


Rock and Sole (@Rock_and_Sole): Yes only when the tights are opaque and you can barely tell.

LoveLifeHighHeels (@thePurpl3Pumps): Um no! Ok well I do not like it – to each his own!

Don’t I Look Rich? (@DontILookRich): No, please no! Unless it is done in some inventive fashion that we have not yet seen. We’ve seen slingback, cross strap heels styled well with tights – but peep toe pumps, we’d sooner die.

Cat in Heels (@CatnHeels): That’s iffy. I think tights with peep toes depends on what kind of peep the toe is.

Fashion Diva (@Everyday_Diva): With the right outfit, tights and peep toes are fine.

shoeline dotcom (@shoeline): Only with opaque tights (black and jewel tones are best). And please, keep the toe seamless!

Kork-Ease (@KorkEase): We’ve seen some of our favorite bloggers style our opened-toed sandals with colorful tights in the winter months, and we must say, we love it! As for peep toe heels paired with tights, that is a trend we would gladly skip over.

Our take: Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, but don’t assume that black on black makes this fashion faux-pas acceptable or un-noticeable. We advocate searching for a closed toe shoe or, if you do try to pull off this look, we recommend making a statement. Pair an opaque colored tight with a black or contrasting colored shoe, or try black tights with a colored shoe in a winter texture like suede or velvet. By making the peep toe a focal point of your look, it dismisses the notion that 1. you just didn’t have the right shoe for your outfit and 2. you’re hoping no one will notice.

What do you think? Would you wear tights with peep toes? Let us know in the comments.


Above: A vintage Olivia Palermo (circa May 2009) attends an InStyle event wearing sheer hose with chunky toe-baring sandals. Chic or no?

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