Be Eco-Chic This Holiday Season

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During the holiday season, we’re more than familiar with being scolded to drink responsibly, and then act responsibly (no one needs to wake up to their Christmas reindeer arranged in a beyond PG-13 positions)… but how about dress responsibly? For the second year running, Origins has released its Eco-Chic Holiday Video Series, a campaign offering ways to dress a little more socially consciously during the holidays.

This weeks’ video features Amanda Hearst, Sustainable Fashion Editor for Marie Claire, discussing ways to do fashion in a more ethically responsible way; this involves everything from shopping vegan leathers and salmon skins to buying brands that donate large portions to charity.

It’s evident from the video series that shopping with a little bit of social consciousness does not mean style is sacrificed in the process. Hearst shows us how to take an outfit that’s office appropriate seamlessly into a post-work cocktail hour, with plenty of stylish options from designers you may recognize, like Stella McCartney and Juicy Couture, as well as Edun, Olksen and Suno – an ethical fashion brand whom Hearst is wearing in the video.

Aside from imparting some helpful ethical advice, what this informative video series also means for you is that you’ll have the chance all week to win dresses from Suno, as well as a pair of Soludos designed by Amanda Hearst. All you have to do is follow @Origins and retweet the video to win!

Watch Amanda’s video below, and stay tuned for further tips for ethical responsibility this holiday season from health and wellness activist Kelly Freston, designer and stylist Jenny Bird, Chef John Johnson of The Four Seasons Hotel New York, and integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil.

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