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Nail Polish Line Created for HBO Show
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Cult favorite series Girls returns to the tube at 9pm on January 13, and if you’re looking to celebrate in style you might want to pay attention to this new line of nail polishes. Deborah Lippmann has teamed up with actress and writer Lena Dunham to create a set of nail polishes inspired by the HBO series— comprised of four shades, each modeled after one of the leading ladies.  There’s “Hannah,” Hapless Hunter Green, “Marnie,” Prim and Propper Pink, “Shoshanna,” Virtuous Vivid Violet, and “Jessa,” Bohemian Burgundy.

The brand seems to have cultivated an affinity for creating collections for hit TV shows, coming off a collection for True Blood made up of oxblood lipstick and nail polish shades. And now, we dig the idea of being able to channel our fav “girl” with personality matching polish that we can aptly apply while watching the show.

Of the collab Lena Dunham said, “Deborah Lippmann’s colors are irreverent and classy and I’ve always coveted them (and stolen them from my mother), so who better to embody the Girl‘s spirit in polish form. I’ve been wearing Hannah like it’s going out of style.”

Set to ship out on January 15, the set retails for $45. Head over to to pre-order now!

And in the meantime as you wait the arrival, watch the season two trailer:

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