H&M Releases SS13 Lookbooks

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H&M released its lookbooks for the men and women’s Spring/Summer 2013 collections. We know it’s only November (and a chilly day at that), but we can’t help but be interested in what the warmer days ahead will have to offer. After viewing the men’s and women’s lookbooks, we noticed a few trends:

Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 trends:

Leather is not dead yet – nor is it only being reserved for cold weather months. Though it may seem like a heavy fabric for spring, it’s becoming a regular part of many designer’s repertoire. That being said, we saw a few leather skirts and  jackets, some with a quilted pattern. The first look of the lookbook vid features a patchwork patterned long-sleeve top with a leather miniskirt. Other notable characteristics were heavy embellishments (studs) and some fringe.

In terms of silhouettes, outfits were neither overpoweringly feminine or masculine, but somewhere in between. Jacket and skirt combinations were boxy in shape, but feminine in style. Cropped pants and jackets made up a majority of the looks, accompanied with t-shirts. Nothing was overly form-fitting, and there is a pretty limited amount of dress options in the lookbook. Solid tops were balanced out by statement necklaces. The color palette did not include any overwhelmingly bright colors, but instead greys, peaches, and off-whites.

Watch the women’s lookbook:

Men’s Spring/Summer 2013 Trends:

The men’s line had a more generous color palette than the women’s, and green is the color. There were some deviations – an all-white ensemble, a magenta blazer, and striped white and grey shorts, but the majority of the remaining styles were all blues and greens. We saw an emerald green faux-leather jacket paired with a two-tone green striped jacket.

Springtime knits seemed to be a staple – knit sweaters of grey, off-white, beige and black were layered under blazers and over collared shirts. Patterning is still a basic spring – expect a lot of plaid and stripes.

Silhouettes were constant throughout the styles – a lot of cropped pants hitting just above the ankles. Assuming he wears the right pair of shoes, we sort of like this look because it showcases the footwear. Plenty of classic blazers in a wide array of colors completed the common men’s silhouettes.

Watch the men’s lookbook:

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