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Every detail of a fashion show is scrutinized from hair to accessories, to the exact shade of nail polish models wear on their fingers. Everything is intentional – it is all part of a well-calculated presentation of aesthetics that the designer wishes to convey. So loved noticing the (not so) small details of every show during this New York Fashion Week, most notably the unique manicures that although might not spark a trend this spring will still offer inspiration.


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Check out these nails models sported for the ASSEMBLY NEW YORK show held at the Standard High Line. A clear base coat topped with white minimalistic designs went along with the brand’s Spring/Summer geometric aesthetic.

However, the models’ nails weren’t the only thing pained for the ASSEMBLY NEW YORK 2013 Spring/Summer fashion show. We noticed that models wore shoes by Kork-Ease that were covered in a coat of paint making the iconic wedges almost unrecognizable, apart from the silhouette. Pictured below is a model wearing Kork-Ease coated in white paint, and the original shoe to the right.



Zang Toi

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Nails were so central to the Zang Toi 2013 Spring/Summer collection that it spawned a set of custom nail colors for the brand by Zoya. Goodie bags for show attendees actually included a set of the 3 nail colors from Zoya’s Spring/Summer collection made exclusively for Zang Toi; Zoya Julie (lavender), Ice Princess (silver), and Gei Gei (pink).

Zang Toi drew on the romantic french riviera for inspiration for his show, which shone through in his color pallete of soft yellows, feminine pinks and lavenders. To go along with this, for manicures models wore Julie (lavender) with 1/3 of the nail covered by a stripe of Ice Princess – a sort of mock-french manicure that was incredibly pretty and feminine. Check out our review of the show here.


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If prepping a model for the catwalk isn’t time consuming enough, imagine adding into the mix the manicures Rodarte models wore. The manicure was achieved by a total of ten CND stylists who spent over 200 hours creating 30 complete sets of nails, according to It’s interesting to see how these woven-worked nails fit into Rodarte’s aesthetic that has been described to be “Dungeons & Dragons” influenced, and the meticulous attention paid to the nails for the show proves nail art is just as important a statement maker as clothing is for a runway show.

Did you see any other awesome nail trends during New York Fashion Week that we didn’t write about? Let us know in the comments! -JESSICA TUMIO

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