Today is the day. The long-awaited KARL collection has finally launched on NET-A-PORTER.COM where it will be sold exclusively for the next 4 weeks.

The more accessible line from house of Karl Lagerfeld simultaneously launched in five cities this morning, with pop-up window shops in Paris, New York, London, Sydney and Berlin.

By now, the pop ups have been invaded and lucky shoppers who arrived on the scene took advantage of the NET-A-PORTER KARL mobile app to scan, shop and win select pieces from the collection.

The coveted 70 plus piece collection consists of a street smart spread of leather jackets, edgy biker vests, printed tees and poplin collar necklaces one could easily incorporate into their wardrobe.

With items ranging from $35 to $1,350, there is really something for everyone—and at a much more attainable price point than that of the mogul’s signature designs for Chanel.

While the collection is entirely monochromatic (think back to his capsule collection for Macy’s last fall…) a splash of silver, sequins and leather detail make these pieces fresh must-haves for the wardrobes of the fashion obsessed. —APRILLE BROOKER and LAUREN DOYLE

To check out the collection and watch Karl interview himself, visit


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