WHITNEY EVE S2011: Express Style

Whitney Port showed off her newest collection of “Whitney Eve” at Industria Studio 6. Port was inspired by the best of both coasts as she combined looks popular in both New York City and California. The line is designed to be mixed and matched with ease for any girl to express her own sense of style.

Paired with a variety of silhouettes and styles from Giuseppe Zanotti, the heels used to show off the line were just as playful as the designs themselves. A color palette of black, white, grey, coral, electric violet, olive and dusty blue brought a light, fresh feeling to the mostly heavy, layered looks most designers are showing for Spring 2011. With a plethora of fun prints and textures of lace, silk and jersey to play with, this collection is functional and fun. While Port is still a newcomer to the fashion industry, she is holding her own and proving herself as a designer for real girls around the world. – JOHN DAVID ROBBINS

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