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BLISS SPA: Spa guru Casey Gillespie delivers pure bliss…

Between the four-inch heels you wear to the office and the flip flops you live in on the weekends, those legs of yours deserve a little attention. You would think that it’s only your feet that you are torturing with that kind of footwear, but the truth is your gams are feeling the pain as well. Add in poor circulation from sitting behind that computer all day and you should actually run — not walk — to the nearest Bliss Spa and let the professionals work their magic. While some people would just recommend a massage, I, for one, have always liked a little “gift with purchase.” Take for instance the Quadruple Thighpass. This leg therapy is geared towards stimulating lymph glands, increasing circulation and releasing toxins. While the treatment is actually a serious anti-cellulite remedy, the stimulating essential oils and mood-altering massage gadget they use make you believe it’s every bit as blissful as a day at the beach. Which by the way, is going to be much less anxiety-ridden with your new leaner, cellulite-free legs. OK, maybe I am over-selling it a bit. Bliss recommends six treatments and, of course, nothing is guaranteed, but like I said — this is the gift with purchase part. The massage will absolutely leave feeling a little lighter on your feet. — CASEY GILLESPIE

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