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HIDE & SEEK: Harajuku fashion

On the streets of Tokyo, the sidewalks are littered with vending machines. From cigarettes, to sodas and beer, just about anything is available night and day from these immaculate marvels. So what better way to camouflage yourself when feeling a little vulnerable than by dressing up like one? This is the reasoning behind this latest fashion offering from the East.

This kooky vending machine skirt was designed for late night walks home. At first glance it’s a double layer, floor length, blood-orange skirt but when threatened, simply pull the outer layer over your head and voila you disappear.

As much as I love this — for too many reasons to count — I feel this may be more effective on the streets of Tokyo than in the back alleys of Manhattan. The simple lack of graffiti may be the biggest giveaway that in fact you are not a real vending machine and let’s face it, wannabe robber or not, I don’t know that I can survive a swift kick to the mid-region when some idiot tries to break the glass for a packet of Fritos. — ANGELA GILLTRAP

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