We Welcome Nathan Johnson to the Stylist Studio!

Running With Heels would like to welcome professional makeup artist Nathan Johnson to our Stylist Studio! Nathan has a resume that reads like a laundry list of dream opportunities for anyone in his field, and we can only imagine there are so many more to come.

Some of Nathan’s most recent and noteworthy achievements are as follows: makeup artist to BOTH Project Runway Seasons 4 and 5, resident “beauty blogger” for, and some of his other makeup credits include the GLAAD Media Awards, “CBS Early Show,” “Good Morning America,” MTV, and so many more. We are honored to have Running With Heels added to his list!

Nathan resides in New York City but it was his dream of being an actor that brought him there.  As soon as he arrived he knew it was the place where he really belonged. He earned his Masters Degree in Classical Acting from Columbia University and soon after he landed spots on television and even in movies. But all the while Nathan continued to hone his makeup skills, and eventually he pursued his degree from the Make Up Designory of New York City. From that point on he found himself flooded by jobs and Nathan turned all his attentions to a career in the art of makeup. His ultimate goal? “To make America more beautiful one woman at a time.”

Don’t miss Nathan in the Running With Heels Stylist Studio every other Wednesday, (and hopefully more often in the future), and you can find this week’s debut article here! He’ll be sharing his advice, answering questions, and giving women the knowledge and confidence to discover the right tools and products to make ourselves beautiful. We hope you’ll take full advantage of him and send him your questions to, subject line: Nathan.

Jonesing for more of Nathan’s work? He is also co-creator of two websites and

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