A perfect pedicure-in a box!

pedicure in a box!My feet are NOT cute.

There. I said it. It’s true! Often women may have a hang-up about their chin, nose or other more notable and feminine details. My internal turmoil however; rests with my feet. An avid runner, my feet are both an athletic blessing and a visual curse. My legs are toned and sculpted. My feet, however-not so much.

This turmoil is seasonal, of course. Fall and winter months bring a respite from me constantly gazing upon my not so pretty feet. However-it IS the spring. Crisp linen dresses and back-baring halters are accompanied by-what else-really awesome shoes!

Store windows are showcasing every style imaginable-from stiletto and peep-toe heels to ballet and gladiator-style flat sandals. All of which of course are designed to showcase your fabulous legs and toes!

So what is a busy New York 20-something with less than perfect feet to do when it’s wedding/barbeque/beach season? The answer will make your wallet happy and take only minutes!

Fake toenails. Yes, TOEnails. They DO exist-and they are great!
Find them: Duane Reade, Rite Aid, CVS
Cost: Around $6
Ease of use: VERY easy! Only about 10 minutes to apply.

Fear not, these are not the dreaded Lee press-on toenails that make you shudder during those VH1 80’s flashbacks. Red, long-and horribly tacky (ew!). These gems are quite the opposite I assure you. I made this discovery at Duane Reade early one morning while getting ready to go to a wedding. As I glanced down at my feet in open-toed silver sandals (really cute strappy ones, by the way) I realized that while my outfit was great-my toes were decidedly not.

I tore across the street to Duane Reade in flip-flops with hopes of finding polish that would mask my less than stellar toes. When I arrived, I couldn’t believe what I found. A saving grace to every woman on a budget; every woman with no time; every woman with less than perfect feet.

Right next to every accoutrement that you need for your nails, I found fake toenails from Revlon! I grabbed the French manicure style and tore BACK across the street (I was slightly pressed for time). The directions on the box seemed easy enough: First, select correct size for each nail (easy to do-the box provides about 12 different sizes). Next, apply glue to the back of each nail and press down firmly. Could it really be that easy? It was! Not ten minutes later I was the proud owner (ok, faux-owner) of two perfectly french-pedicured feet.

Four hours at a wedding and several compliments later (including some from a few discerning guests regarding my pretty pedicured feet), my ‘pedicure’ still looked fantastic. Although these nails won’t last as long as acrylic, they will give you exactly what you’re looking for-to look great! You don’t have to be an avid runner/cyclist/swimmer to benefit from this awesome deal. All you need is to be a bit short on time and a little high on fashion.

Doesn’t that sound like you?

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